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Fuck Machine and More
OMG!!! I think I have a new "boytoy". This one is mechanical though. Let me just say this "fuck machine" drove me crazy. Fucking me hard, deep, and it does not stop! Mr. Siren and one of my Siren Strokers...

Dee Siren
Slutwife Gangbang II
These boys can't get enough. Seems like they fucked me for hours. Just how I like it! Taking turns fucking my married pussy and using all my holes as they wish while hubby records it all. Oh how I love...

Dee Siren
Emily Lynn's First Porno
Emily Lynn is a cute county girl that lives right outside of Austin. Her and her husband contacted us about making some dirty movies. She's a freak that can't get enough dick and gets off watching her....

Emily Lynn
BBW Bombshell Gangbang
Feeling horny as fuck so I asked hubby to get me some dicks. He invited over a few of his friends along with a new guy to have some fun with me. They all take turns on my pussy like it's some sort of game....

Dee Siren, Derrick Tallwood
Dee and Virgo get Lucky
Siren XXX Studios making another wish come true. This time Virgo Peridot and Dee Siren get Lucky... Lucky B Dallas that is. Watch these three PHAT ASS sluts bouncing their asses, fucking, fisting, and...

Dee Siren, Lucky B Dallas
Austin Adult Theater
While we were visiting Alysha and Adam in Austin we decided to take a trip to an Adult Theater. Alysha and Adam where at the races and I was feeling fucking horny. As soon as we got in the booth I started...

Dee Siren, Wayne Siren
Today I decided to enjoy some yoga outside in the gazebo. A beautiful day to relax and stretch out my muscles. Rubbing myself always makes me horny. Mr. Siren couldn’t help but to pull out the camera...

Dee Siren, Wayne Siren
Picking Up Virgo from the Airport
Picking up Virgo from the airport and she's looking HOT AS FUCK! Waiting to get to Houston to have some fun has her horny. She gets naked in the back of my SUV while we're driving to her hotel. Rubbing...

Virgo Peridot, Wayne Siren
BBC Wants to be in Porn
A new Siren Stroker contacted me about being in porn. He has a huge dick and hoping to make a living fucking hot sluts like me. We invite him over to see what he has. As soon as I felt it through his...

Dee Siren
Fucked at the Park
Well Mr. Siren had it set up for me to get gangbang'd at the park. As you can tell by the photos we had a little flood in Houston that day. Luckily for me a new Siren Stroker showed up and fucked me in...

Dee Siren
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